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Kymberly 29th Jan 2014 Activities Coordinator
I'm looking for old games such as jacks, clunkers, paddle bats - i cant even find any marbles. Anyone know where i might be able to find such toys?
Shirley 3rd Feb 2014
Perhaps you could use the clear glass balls used to decorate vases that are usually available at Reject or Crazy Clake Shops Shirley-NSW
Lynette 20th May 2014 Lifestyle Assistant / Personal Care Assistant
Hi Kymberly I have only just read your post. I have seen marbles in K Mart toy section just recently. They also have a collection of old games eg naught and crosses etc available. cheers Lynette
Christina 21st May 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kymberly. I think you will find most of the equipment you need for the games in the toy section of K Mart. I know they will have the marbels and games such as dominoes etc. Our local Reject shop has packets of coloured jacks as I was looking at them this afternoon.
Damon 17th Jun 2014 PCA/LEISURE
Along with the suggestions from the other members, you may also find some of these types of games in discount (2 dollar) shops, party suppliers or if these fail, try online markets such as ebay

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