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Heather 19th Feb 2014
Very excited today, finally had approval to buy a Ipad for my residents to use during one on one session, I have downloaded a few apps that were free for a trial, the residents loved it and the facial expressions of enjoyment were just amazing,
I was wondering if anyone else using them and if so would they like to share apps they use.
Our apps we are trying are as follows:
Lets create pottery (will be purchasing residents interacted well)
Spark Art
Falling stars
Music Sparkle
Matching pairs
Life time talks (purchased - excellent reminiscence app)
Lively Silver
Fish pond
gaze- visual pictures with sound (purchased, resident really enjoyed watching and hearing rain, snow and window plus watching the fire burn- you actually hear the wood crackling)
jigsaw box (purchased - excellent can take a picture of resident then turn into puzzle... residents loved seeing their faces as the finished product)
jigsaw 123 (purchased - worked well with high cognitive impaired residents)
Kate 20th Feb 2014 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
Hi Heather, yes our facility have 4 IPads to start with. One lady uses her's all the time, Skypes etc , loves it. Taking a little longer to convince others to have a go but they are asking questions so that's a good start. You have interesting App's listed, must give them ago. Thank you

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