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Heather 22nd Feb 2014
wanting to start a reading group for High care Dementia Patients, to help settle them in the afternoon. This group is no longer capable of reading themselves so looking at reading aloud to them. What would be appropriate books to read to them.
regards Heather
Hello Heather, I found reading and acting the classics, such as Charles Dickens "Great Expectations" drew a great response from many of my High Needs residents. To see them come close with eyes wide open and intent on what was being read them, was just a joy. I would use a different voice for each character. Many had read the classics when young so were able to relate to the story. Hope that helps.
Janida 27th Feb 2014 Div. Therapist Co-ord
Hi Heather, Consider reading some poetry to your residents. Structured rhyming poems I've found best. Not too long like some of Henry Lawson ballads - otherwise they lose the gist. Have you got a school study book of poetry? They have a bit of everything in them. Sometimes I leave off the last word to see if they can guess what rhymes.
Heather 1st Mar 2014
Thanks for the input, I started to read some Grims Tales, they are short stories which held their interest, and like you Tangi I used different voices, it was magical to see their faces light up. I will look at charles Dickens and Great Expectations as well.
Tania 4th Mar 2014
Hi Heather, I have found any of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books have worked well. There are many of them with different themes so you can often relate it back to an activity or theme you might be working on. They are great stories that can stimulate lots of conversation and at times emotions too! (In a good way)

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