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vittoria 3rd Mar 2014 coordinator
I was wondering if anyone has any ideas, I need help I am not very crafty, facility would like me to make wreaths for the residents doors
for each season. I really don't have a clue and my budget is not big.
Anyone have any ideas Please
thanks Vitty
Heather 5th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
For xmas we cut circles of cardboard, white or theme colour. use fancy edge sissors for a better effect. SIZE, ours were about the size of a dinner plate. Cut the cetre out so that the circle of cardboard is about 7-8cm across. We then get the residents to glue on all sorts of appropriate pieces for the occasion. Xmas, we cut small pictures and words etc off old xmas cards, At the end put blobs of glue on the wreath and sprinkle on glitter. Punch a hole in the top and thread in a piece of ribbon. tie a bow and hang on the door. these are very effective and look great.
Kerry 5th Mar 2014 Recreation
Hi vitty
A paper plate is a good framework to start with. Two plates together make it stronger. Recycling cards that express their interests eg flowers, pets, fishing to glue on. You can fill with paper flowers, favourite colours, buttons, footy teams ect. Being able to choose and reminisce will lead you to their likes and dislikes. These can be made to be seasonal or events by colours and pictures
Good luck
Maree 5th Mar 2014
Hi Vitty
We have made wonderful Christmas wreaths, small and large, just out of recycled Christmas cards. It's so simple just gluing them together, they don't have to be perfect. And they can be decorated with a bit of glitter, bows or whatever. You could also use plain card and decorate with autumn leaves or just use cutouts of autumn leaves to make the wreathes.
Have fun.
Helen 7th Mar 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Vittoria
What we did - was use wire coat hangers - make them round - wrap tinsel around them tightly so they are 'thick' looking - then download some pictures from 'Golden Carers' web site to match the season.
This is quick and the residents can wind the tinsel and colour the pictures and then blue tack them to their doors. Hope this is of some help
vittoria 8th Mar 2014
thanks everyone you have given me some ideas to work with

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