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Karen 6th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
Can you help with procedures and regulations for cooking groups

Thanks Karen.
Solange 18th May 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Karen, Every facility has its own procedures for cooking sessions.

Mostly there are two or three residents helping with the cooking and 6 to 8 watching. 'Watching' is a very therapeutic activity for people who are no longer able to do cooking. By 'helping' it usually means one resident breaks the eggs into a container, or peels potatoes, or tops and tails green beans, or stirs the batter.

You usually have a resident 'supervisor' and a 'taster'; as long as they have fun.

The sensory benefits of cooking go beyond the residents' 'help'; the aroma, the utensils, the clatter; it brings back pleasant memories, ideal for reminiscing.

The most important thing is that residents are safe at all times; ovens, frying pans, hot water, should be kept well away from the reach of residents.
Christina 29th Jul 2014 Activity Co-ordinator
Can I ask about gloves? I have done some basic cooking and food prep activities, sometimes with gloves and sometimes without. Putting the flimsy rubber gloves on some residents takes such a long time, very very fiddly and they get very frustrated too.

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