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Gabriela 10th Mar 2014 Occupational Therapy Assistant
I work in a Dementia specific facility in the afternoon. Can u suggest some activities for Twilight program for peoples who are very unsettled in the afternoon, what program can I do to decrease their adrenaline? I have tried Sing-along, movies, reminiscing, but I need to have different activities every day and I am open for any suggestion who may help me. Thank u in advance
amanda 11th Mar 2014 Activities Officer
Hi Gabriela, ive worked in age care for 25years each day and afternoon is different. In my facility we are trialling a relaxation and meditation program its not for everyone, but it maybe worth a try. Start with a few residents play some soft music or try a basic beginners version of meditation cd. Hope it helps. Regards Amanda
Judith 11th Mar 2014 Activity Facilitator
Hi you mite like to talk about they pets, and get a photo of they pet and a photo of themself and make a photo frame to put them in we have made them out of cardboard and deco's they turned out great.Judy.
Heather 11th Mar 2014
Gabriela, I work in a high care Dementia unit and have started a story time for residents, I take the residents to a very quiet area and we all have a cup while I read the story. I find most of the residents have become more settled and some are already asking when are we reading again. I find that many just need some company rather than an activity so the story time works.
Marina 19th Mar 2014
Hi Gabriela, I am in a secure dementia wing.
We have singalong daily before lunch to wake them up. In the afternoon I put on easy listening music. We do Art and craft twice a week, pampering and chat session twice a week, baking which they love twice a week.
We have daily animal visitors. We play coloured dominoes and picture Bingo which we have about 6 - 8 residents watching and playing. Also we go for group walks around facility and garden, and have a sit and chat. It is such a hard time of day late afternoon, best of luck hope this helps. Marina
kathy 9th Apr 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
i have a box of beaded necklace and i mix them up so they are tanlged and get the ladies to untangle them for me make sure they are differnt colours they really enjoy them and then fiddle with them ounce they are sorted.
Louise 13th Aug 2014 RAO
The ladies where I work love to fold laundry, hang shirts on hangers and match and fold sox. They sit and chat together while doing their "chores". This is the one thing that seems to settle them more than anything else.
Karen 9th Sep 2014 Lifestyle assistant
Try giving everyone a baby doll to nurse during singing sessions, it has a soothing effect.
Sharon 30th Sep 2014 RAO
Try reading poetry, our residents love listening to Banjo Paterson, many residents are able to say the poem while you are reading it. Colouring in is very relaxing, but use good pencils or pastels, and adult pictures, with some very calming music quietly playing. Flute music has very calming benefits and this has been proven. (ABC shops have about 4 different Flute CD's) Afternoons the residents concentration is poor, so activites should be calming, not too stimulating as this will promote behaviours I have found.
Joanne 7th Oct 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I do an evening relaxation program at my facility using relaxing dvds and music and giving the residents some 1:1 time by doing hand massages and/or feet massages. Some of the ladies like having their nails done too. Calming activities are used as well such as looking through their photo albums or animal books, I find that dvds with animals work wonders too. Pan flute music is soothing....some of the dvds that I have bought are from ISIS Visuals and

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