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Helen 22nd Apr 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
would it be possible to post the 'FunRiddles' from number 1 - X1 as our residents really enjoy the interaction of working these out.
Thank you
Kind regards
Helen Butterfield
Talita 23rd Apr 2014
Helen 23rd Apr 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Thanks so much for the link to find the 'fun riddles' Talita. II have printed them and downloaded them. This should keep the residents going.

Also we play 'Card Scrabble' at our place. These cards are bought from Mind Games - $10.00 per pack - we use 2 x packs for the number that come to our activity. My volunteer runs the activity - gives each resident 4 vowel cards and 5 consonant cards and each resident makes up words using just their own cards - with help from residents and volunteer if they have trouble using all their cards up. The challenge is to use all your cards - and sometimes this is very hard especially if you get 3 x Es etc.
There are other cards in this pack we don't use them - we have found the residents enjoy using just the letter cards.

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