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Amy 27th Apr 2014 Lifestyles Co-ordinator
Hi all, I am starting up a movement to music falls prevent group but was wondering if anyone could suggest another name? I wanted some thing that would grab people's attention, but my mind has gone blank?
Thanks Amy
Laura 27th Apr 2014 Nurse
Hi Amy,

Have you considered video games that keep the residents upright and engaged, this will keep with your aim of recovering mobility and preventing falls? Wii Fit? Arm chair exercises that include a mix of sitting down and standing up excersies? Ball games such as ten pin bowling for those with good ROM and gait?

You could contact your local dance school who maybe able to come an do the old time waltz or even rock and roll with your residents who aren't so keen on just on exercising, engaging dementia clients in favourite past times like dancing can be abit easier than having them exercise or take part in a walking group.

A few names I can think of for your class include

Upright an Dancing
Let's Boogie
Ten Pin Stars
Fit at Fifty (depends on your aged group)
Breakfast Club (if the excersies are first up in the morning)
Power 20 (20 minutes of movement to music)
Pamela 3rd May 2014 Activity Officer
Hi Amy
We call our musical exercises.
Mooving and Grooving.
Lot's of fun. We add the extra o in moving .
Cheers Pam
The Priory 24th Nov 2022 Activities Coordonator
Hi Amy we are in the middle of that course, have you done a program, our residents are mostly in wheel chairs, any chance I could please look at your program ideas, Thank you Brenda

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