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Skye 7th May 2014 Lifestyle coordinator
We have a new resident aged only 49 with very early stage huntington's disease was wondeing if anyone was in similar situation or has any activity ideas for a younger resident.
Natasha 7th Jan 2015 Occupational Therapist
Huntington's disease is associated with a triad of symptoms; cognitive, motor and emotional. Each individual varies in terms of which symptoms they predominantly exhibit. Find out the resident's interests and provide cognitive/physical/socially stimulating activities relating to their interests. In addition, provide activities that work on areas effected by HD, for example, planning, creative thinking, memory, executive function, balance etc.

Hope this helps.

Lisa 13th Jan 2015 Diversional Therapist
I would depending on capabilities give them small chores such as napkin folding and maybe setting the tables, it may promote independence. Also small jobs in the reception areas such as stamping envelopes etc could help, maybe try to relate t
Josephine 18th Jan 2015
I would contact Huntington's services in your state, they are wonderful and can assist you, just google them.

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