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patricia 7th Jun 2014 Recreational Activity Officer
1) I work with residents in low care (until 1st July).
I have been doing a cognitive activity of "Rebus" puzzles. Some of my residents are starting to get the hang of doing these and enjoy them.
I am looking for more Rebus puzzles that I do not have to pay for. I s anyone able to suggest books from libraries or websites ( already have some websites)?
2) I also the the 9 target word square out of the Sydney Morning
Herald (same page as crosswords). Residents enjoy this. I have used one web site but the answers were very strange.
Can anyone make suggestions please?

Stephenie 16th Jun 2014 Recreation Therapist
Hi Patricia, That's Life Magazine has a target word puzzle, you would just need to collect each week as the answers come out about 3 weeks later. Maybe a visitor or resident subscribes and could donate to you once they are done.
Nichole 19th Jun 2014 activity director
There is a magazine for activity directors called Creative Forecasting and each month it has new Rebus Puzzles in them. I have found that my residents really enjoyed doing them as well so I have just been goggled Rebus Puzzles or Word Pictures in an image search and copied/pasted onto a word document.
Natasha 7th Jan 2015 Occupational Therapist
Free iPad app: What Saying?

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