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jane 2nd Jul 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
to use aromatherapy in aged care do you have to be qualified
Solange 8th Jul 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jane, that is debatable unless there is a new law I am not aware of. I only have the first year of Aromatherapy certification, yet I was in charge of the aroma therapy activities for seven years. I think it depends on the manager you have, your experience and some common sense.

As far I understand Leisure staff may:
- Mix their own massage oil according to safe recipes which you can obtain from an Aroma therapy book or online from qualified people.

- Take some precaution by asking clinical staff if the recipient has any allergies.

- Delve in hand/feet and shoulder massage only.

- Regarding massage strokes you may learn it online from qualified people or by instructions from someone experienced.

In my experience, very few care facilities hire Aroma Therapists. If your facility has one, great, leave it to her/him. If not, we have to do what we can; massage with essential oils is very soothing and may affect mood, and cognitive function.

I am not proposing you start ‘treating’ medical conditions. By the way research on the efficacy of aroma therapy is still in its infancy.
Enquire with your manager whether you may take on this activity.

Best wishes.
Maria 10th Jul 2014
In the facility that I'm work only allow Lavender for aroma Therapy and sorbolene for massage...the rest is cooking condiments. Can you give a good sensore room in Sydney West where one can visit to take ideas from. Thank you

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