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Ania 7th Aug 2014 Activities Director
Hi Everyone, how do you write quarterly progress notes ? Sample please..
Louise 13th Aug 2014 RAO
We do ours on the computer. We basically just comment on what the resident has been involved in/done for that evaluation period. e.g." Fred enjoys playing bingo, bus outings, quizzes, current affairs and happy hour. Fred also attend weekly mass and enjoys reading the newspaper. Fred interacts well with residents and staff and has family visits and support." Hope this helps.
debbie 16th Aug 2014 day centre coordinator

We do the same sort of thing as Louise . However I think it is important to ensure it ties back to your activity care plan, and or their individual activity assessment to ensure activities are recorded and reflect their wishes in their activity pursuits.

Ania 19th Aug 2014 Activities Director
Thank you Louise & Debbie.
Cynthia 6th Apr 2024 Activiity Director
For Quarterly Progress Notes is it necessary to put number of activities they attended for the quarter or just list all that they attended or enjoyed, without having to go back and count .

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