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Sandy 12th Aug 2014 CHSP Coordinator
Hi Everyone,

My Sandy and I work for a Not For Profit organisation and we have recently been successful in obtaining HACC funding to run a Centre-based Day Service for over 65’s for Brisbane Southside and the centre is based in the Redlands/Bayside area. As this is a new program I am finding it hard to get our name out there and build the program. I have networked with other aging organisations, place ads in the senior newspaper, local papers etc, does anyone have any suggestions of what else I could do to get our name our there and let people know we run activities, day trips etc....any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Sandy 12th Aug 2014 Diversional Therapist
Are there any Senior Citizens Clubs, Bowling Clubs, University of the 3rd Age groups nearby? Local library might be worth a go too.
Josephine 19th Aug 2014
Hi Sandy, have you connected with the person from council (possibly the Senior Social Worker) who is part of that councils Community Ageing division? You may be able to get some information out in the Council Newsletter that usually is distributed to the area too. Just a thought.
Janet 20th Aug 2014 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Hi Sandy
It is a good idea to speak to local GP's about your program. You will have to make an appt and bring lunch, but if they will support your program, it should grow and grow. Best of luck with it :)

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