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Therese 9th Sep 2014 Occupational therapy assistant
Hi My name is Therese and I work in an aged care facility working with the most beautiful people who have Dementia. I am new and really love your website.
I would really appreciate any ideas on activities on how to help residents who are non verbal as I would like to learn some more ways to communicate with them.
Also has anyone started a mens group with clients who have dementia, or have some activties especally for men.
I really feel that i would like to help and play a part to enrich their lives.
Karen 10th Sep 2014 Lifestyle assistant
Music and singing works very well to connect with a non-verbal resident. Hold their hands and sing an old song to them, such as "You are my Sunshine". You may find the resident smiling, joining in with a word or two of the chorus, or shaking hands in time with music. Good luck.
Rachel 16th Sep 2014 Lifestyle therapist
Hi Therese

I have been thinking myself that it would be great to introduce more activities for men. At my placement, we tried sanding wood for an arts activity that we were going to do and the blokes loved it. Have you a men's shed nearby? Maybe you could ask them if they have anything that they need sorting like screws, nails, things like that? You could even invite some men from the shed to come into the group with a simple activity that the men might enjoy such as painting/sanding toys etc or whatever the shed has going. cheers Rachel
Therese 18th Sep 2014 Occupational therapy assistant
Thank you Rachel and Karen for your comments I am planning on doing a mens group next week as an activity doing Toys for Boys. Which was a fathers day activity but I'm improvising. I will comment how it goes.
MARYANN 19th Sep 2014
Again keep it simple - gardening - set up a garden area - if only pots - watering - do lots of cutting, start a worm farm, Remo = photo's of machinery or look into the Men's history - did they like Cars/Fishing/Motorbikes. Get a local Car Club/Bike group to visit. Do a Men's Outing.
Betty 24th Sep 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi Theresa,
We have a friend who can cut out larger size puzzles (animals, cars etc) .Our gents sand them then ,oil them with food oil than we donate them to a preschool.
Simple, practical and no cost as we get off cuts from hardware shops.
Some ladies joint the group latterly, they all love the activity. They love the pre schoolers visiting, when they can give them the ready puzzles in a special afternoon tea.

Cheers, Betty

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