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Therese 5th Oct 2014 Occupational therapy assistant

Ping Pong Eggs

I am going to play this game with my residents. I work in a dementia specific unit so have modified it to suit. What I have done is painted the egg cartons red on the outside, in the middle are the colours blue,yellow and green. Each colour will have a value and will only give them 5 balls for there turn..
Therese 18th Sep 2014 Occupational therapy assistant


Thank you Rachel and Karen for your comments I am planning on doing a mens group next week as an activity doing Toys for Boys. Which was a fathers day activity but I'm improvising. I will comment how it goes.
Therese 9th Sep 2014 Occupational therapy assistant


Hi My name is Therese and I work in an aged care facility working with the most beautiful people who have Dementia. I am new and really love your website.
I would really appreciate any ideas on activities on how to help residents who are non verbal as I would like to learn some more ways to communicate with them.
Also has anyone started a mens group with clients who have dementia, or have some activties especally for men.
I really feel that i would like to help and play a part to enrich their lives.