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Sheree 1st Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist
Hi, in the home which I work we are getting more and more men. Has any one got any good ideas on how to start a mens group. The men are of different levels.
Cheers Sheree
Julianne 5th Oct 2014 Activities Officer
Hi Sheree, the best way to start a men club up is do a surfay and get their ideas as to what they would like to do,you should get results then. Make pizza with the men and have a cold beer for them they will love you for this, then set back and listen to there ideas. Have fun.
Alyson 7th Oct 2014 Disability Support Worker
Start up a men's shed. Get some volunteers to help with making some wooden items, such as bird houses, dolls cradles etc.
Sharon 8th Oct 2014 RAO
Have a combined mens BBQ, with a few beers, and get in a guest speaker or take a bus load to a park for a sausage sizzle. You can buy a cheap putting green which we did, and the men love this activity. Families donated putters and golf balls. Get the guys to grow some vegetable plants ie: tomato plants, spinach strawberries and get them to look after them.
Margaret 13th Oct 2014
Hi There , I use a basket with wood items or just plain pieces ( not too rough) and foam sanding blocks . My guys usually very happy to sand them for me a little so I can use them for painting . I also use men's hankies they fold for me and socks. Some men like to put the "bills" into (used recycled) envelopes for me to be able to mail them , this goes for the ladies as well, all are meaningful activities and often relate to the background of people. Hope that helps ( I am new here) but like to share some experiences.
Anjanie 13th Nov 2014 Recreation Therapist
How about showing them some movies e.g James bond or playing pools.
Pauline 13th Nov 2014 Diversional Therapist
I have a male volunteer come in and run our mens group, they have veggie gardens, he brings in remote control cars, the men love this activity as they seem to relax more without the women, it is their time.
Josephine 14th Nov 2014
Hi Sheree, I asked people to bring in some old tools and such and had a small mens group of different cognitive levels. We even had someone bring in the old dial phones. We also have a car racing set and get the men to put that up and race cars. How about reminiscing and just organise a "Getting to Know You"afternoon about their past work history. I agree having some food, beer or wine in a relaxed atmosphere is a good start. At times it can take some time for men to commence to relate to one another but when they do it is great.
Regis Cypress Gardens 15th Nov 2014 Lifestyle Team
We have set up a men's Backysrd in our Aged Care facility.

We now have a garden shed a volunteer and myself who assists with making wooden items. Bird feeders , birds nesting boxes,
Tiling tables. We made cat boxes for our cats to sleep in. Sort and reminisse with donations of old tools and nuts n bolts.
Ask your kitchen to save the big tins and see through cintainers with lids.

You can start with an old wooden coffee table and have the men sand it and the next week apply varnish. I was taught by Dementia Specific clients on how to apply the varnish correctly.

Yes you do need to donate or get donations to start. Put up notices or advertise in your news letters, resident and relative meetings etc..

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