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Natalie 16th Oct 2014 counsellor
Hello, I'm hoping I can draw on the collective wisdom of you wonderful people already working in this field. I'm currently employed in a helping profession but would love to make the transition into leisure and lifestyle for aged residents. I'd love some advice on good RTO's who offer the Cert IV in Leisure and Lifestyle online. I know there are a few out there but I know not all RTO's are equal!

Any guidance appreciated.
Sandy 21st Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist
TAFE Qld have a well structured program
Hi Natalie. You are definitely correct in saying that not all training institutions are good! I 'trained' with the Phillips Institute in Carnegie, Victoria. I absolutely do NOT recommend them! Absolute shocker of a place. All about profit, not education.
However, I truly believe that we are born into this job. If your heart is in it, you will succeed. I have, despite having studied with this shonky mob. If you can afford the time, aTAFE institute will provide excellent tuition over a 12 month period. Good luck!
Natalie 22nd Oct 2014 counsellor
Thanks for your responses Sandy and Karen. I recently had an experience doing a Training and Assessment with a shonky RTO that has left me very gun shy so I totally relate to your experience Karen!

My preference would be TAFE - my impression is there is better quality control. My local TAFE's only seem to offer the course in class, I'm hoping to do this online because of family and other commitments. Do you know if there are TAFE's who offer this option?
Paula 22nd Oct 2014 Support Worker
I recommend National College Australia. Reasonably priced and easy to use on-line training. They have payment options too. I have three units of sixteen in Leisure & Health to finish. Contact me anytime if you have any questions regarding NCA. Good luck!
kylie 28th Oct 2014
I'm afraid I have another shonky RTO to share. Australasian
Aged Care Institute in Preston. They had no idea how to deliver a quality course. Charles Sturt University does an online Diploma in Leisure Studies. A more in-depth course but you can opt for part-time. Good luck. I hope more quality courses become available for this very important role.
Leanne 17th Nov 2014
I did mine through Leading Aged Services in Victoria online. We had excellent tutors and backup. I believe they will be conducting online and face to face training next year.
Natalie 18th Nov 2014 counsellor
Thanks guys, I'm wondering Leanne and Paula, how long has it taken you to get through your qual? Obviously, I want to give the material justice but also want to get to the end! What is a realistic timeframe? Also, have your RTO's been able to assist you in finding placements?
Leanne 18th Nov 2014
Natalie, I did mine over 12 months. We had 2-3 online sessions a month and 3 sessions in Mentone Vic. I think they may do other states as well. I already had a position in Aged Care so I did not need to do placement, I just had to have a workplace mentor. Good luck with your search.

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