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Natalie 18th Nov 2014 counsellor


Thanks guys, I'm wondering Leanne and Paula, how long has it taken you to get through your qual? Obviously, I want to give the material justice but also want to get to the end! What is a realistic timeframe? Also, have your RTO's been able to assist you in finding placements?
Natalie 10th Nov 2014 counsellor


NCA was one RTO I had looked at Paula. How quickly is it feasible to complete the course online (obviously still giving it enough time to do it justice!)? Do they help you find a facility to do a placement with?
Natalie 22nd Oct 2014 counsellor


Thanks for your responses Sandy and Karen. I recently had an experience doing a Training and Assessment with a shonky RTO that has left me very gun shy so I totally relate to your experience Karen!

My preference would be TAFE - my impression is there is better quality control. My local TAFE's only seem to offer the course in class, I'm hoping to do this online because of family and other commitments. Do you know if there are TAFE's who offer this option?
Natalie 16th Oct 2014 counsellor


Wondering if anyone can give me guidance around reliable RTO's who provide the Cert IV Leisure and Health course online?

I need to be able to do this course of study flexibly online because of work commitments but I'm not sure who are the best providers.

Any guidance appreciated!
Natalie 16th Oct 2014 counsellor


Hello, I'm hoping I can draw on the collective wisdom of you wonderful people already working in this field. I'm currently employed in a helping profession but would love to make the transition into leisure and lifestyle for aged residents. I'd love some advice on good RTO's who offer the Cert IV in Leisure and Lifestyle online. I know there are a few out there but I know not all RTO's are equal!

Any guidance appreciated.