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Terese 11th Nov 2014 Carer
Hi Everyone, I am currently studying cert IV Leisure and Health, I was wondering if someone couple help answer these questions or set me in the right direction ?
Name three procedures you would follow to assess a client with complex needs to enable the client to participate in their chosen activity ?
Name four characteristic's, issues or systems that determine a complex need.
Cheers Terese
Pauline 13th Nov 2014 Diversional Therapist
Work Health & Safety Procedures
Privacy & Dignity
Duty of Care...

I would say there are many but someone who has mental health issues, dementia, someone who has a dibilitating desease such as MS, Downs Syndrome or the like, or someone who has multiple issues eg addiction,developmental issues, ADHD etc
Hope this help a bit Cheers
christiane 13th Nov 2014 Registered nurse
I hope those information will help
Refer to initial admission paper work
Medical condition
Physical capability
Cognitive /behavioural aspect. (PAS conducted by nursing staff)
Physical environment
Social factors
Personal details /hobbies/culture/involve family

Charasteristic or system
Refer to ACFI assessment completed by PCA andR/N during 28days assessments they will guide you on AdL,needs and complex care needs
Terese 17th Nov 2014 Carer
Thanks for your help Christiane

Terese 24th Nov 2014 Carer
Thanks Pauline

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