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Angela 4th Dec 2014 OT
I am wanting to get some ideas for a Pets Policy. Does anyone have an existing pets policy that they could share? Thanks
Josephine 7th Dec 2014
Hi Angela,

I currently have a Pets Policy that I use for our resident Dog, Birds & Fish !!, if you contact me on [email protected] I can forward a copy to you.

Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi Angela,

We have rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and a cat and each breed has their own care plan folder. I keep receipts for things, the care plan has what they can and cannot eat, I write notes when they go to the vet or something happens. They are handy. People laugh at it but I find our team actually uses them alot.
Especially if someone on the team is not familiar or comfortable with animals they refer to the folders.

I am happy to email a copy if you'd like.

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