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Fiona 30th Dec 2014 Recrecation Therapist
Hi There, Im wanting to run a armchair travel in February & would like to know if anyone has done this before & had any ideas on crafts to make. I would like the residents to make table decorations and thought I would ask for some ideas. We will be doing flags, wearing sari's, & watching a dvd.
TIA Fiona
Alexandra 2nd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator
To which country?
Noreen 20th Jan 2015
Hi Fiona,
I have done armchair travel a few times. I asked a volunteer to be the guest speaker, we had photo presentations (one I did as the speaker was unable, they gave me the photos on a USB and I put it together, the other the guest did).
Morning tea and lunch were themed with the place of interest. Decorations, flags, examples of dress code, music etc all added to the day.
Cathy 27th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
Perhaps you could find little cardboard suitcases from a craft store and paint and decorate with printed off little pictures of travel/luggage stickers (Google image is good for this) or cut out pictures from magazines or old postcards.

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