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Leah 3rd Jan 2015 Lifestyle Assistant
I have been working in a Lifestyle Assistant capacity for over 3 years. My new co-ordinator makes all the decisions and does not include me. Any ideas about how to approach so I can put in practice all the training I have done. I am a cert 4 in Leisure & Health. I am getting to the point I feel like an untrained volunteer!!!!

kareen 7th Jan 2015 activities officer
is it only you and her and how many do you look after,,,in our facility we have 5 areas and i am able to coordinate my area with all ideas and entertainment. We come together monthly and have activity meetings where we share and input ...Have you suggested this to her like you should have meetings that way you can work out a monthly plan of activities...and a meeting is exactly that to assist and bring new ideas. approach her quietly and say that your not feeling valued ....and that you have so much to offer i would go further if this doesnt succeed..She seems to be very narrow minded and is not giving the residents their fullest opportunity to have a enhanced lifestly programme...good luck
Leah 8th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Assistant
Thanks for your support Kareen. We are only a small facility just the 2 of us in Lifestyle. I have spoken to our Hostel Co-Ordinator and the Senior Nurse, and have received positives from both of them. The Hostel Co-Ord is looking into it and will be speaking to my co-ordinator. If the situation does not change in the very near future I will be taking it further. I am aware that some of the behaviour is bullying and I am keeping notes on this.
kareen 22nd Jan 2015 activities officer
good Luck Leah...Glad that you have put in some ideas to others workers and yes it most definitely is a form of bullying,and it should not be tolerated ...Be empowered Leah and know that you are valued :-)

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