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kareen 27th Feb 2018 activities officer

Word Ladder #7

Wow you have done it fabulous to get new and brilliant cognitive stimulation ideas from your site..thank you heaps.
kareen 13th Sep 2016 activities officer

Baby Boomers Nostalgia Quiz - 1950s

my resis love quiz time and discussions....I will give them a topic to discuss and it creates so much conversation.. This nostalgia quiz will be great as they always like new challenges
thanks for the hard work you put into making our Jobs a bit simpler....This is such a valuable site for all us diversional therapists. thank you thank you I cant thank you enough :-)
kareen 22nd Jan 2015 activities officer


good Luck Leah...Glad that you have put in some ideas to others workers and yes it most definitely is a form of bullying,and it should not be tolerated ...Be empowered Leah and know that you are valued :-)
kareen 7th Jan 2015 activities officer


is it only you and her and how many do you look after,,,in our facility we have 5 areas and i am able to coordinate my area with all ideas and entertainment. We come together monthly and have activity meetings where we share and input ...Have you suggested this to her like you should have meetings that way you can work out a monthly plan of activities...and a meeting is exactly that to assist and bring new ideas. approach her quietly and say that your not feeling valued ....and that you have so much to offer i would go further if this doesnt succeed..She seems to be very narrow minded and is not giving the residents their fullest opportunity to have a enhanced lifestly programme...good luck
kareen 4th Aug 2014 activities officer

How to host a Show Day

i love this idea thanks so much for your valuable ideas we are going to do this for next year as some of our residents are limited in being able to go to the show they surely will entertain the idea of having the show brought to them thanks so much
Kareen kovacich
kareen 4th Aug 2014 activities officer


hi my name is Kareen Kovacich..I am looking for samples on record attendance sheets for activities from other facilities one preferrably that takes as less as time as possible to fill in. we have a daily flick and tick and it can take up to 3/4 hour to fill in with 36 residences. I have seen the ones from Golden carers template just looking for other ideas if possible would you be able to email them to me the forms you use for accreditation address is [email protected]
kareen 4th Aug 2014 activities officer


i love this idea thanks so much for your valuable ideas
kareen 21st Jan 2014 activities officer

10 Ways to Improve Activity Participation

We have the children from the day care centres come, residents just love the involvement..Children sing a few songs and get them all happy and laughing, they then bring jigsaw puzzles and mingle with the residents. They have did craft and colour in. The residents also then take kids around the facility to show them where they live or the gets them walking and making friendships lots of hugs given by the kids and the folks...We are also looking this year at planting flowers with the children and some potplants this way children can chat and ask residents to see how garden is It has been a huge success
kareen 6th Jan 2014 activities officer

Golden Oldies Movie Quiz

Appreciate all the collating you do and all the information you present.. this is such a blessing to me in my work to have it all available and ready...thanks so much
kareen 21st Jul 2013 activities officer

15 Sensory Activities for Late Stage Alzheimer's

in our Dementia area we did a touch and feel painting that was quite large and we had a beach effect where sand was applied, and shells to touch residents would feel the painting and say how they used to go to the beach and pick shells ...we also had a cassowary put in their with the black feathers tiles to create a bridge and fishes that had sequins in for scales unendless sensory moments residents loved this