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Natasha 7th Jan 2015 Occupational Therapist
Hi everyone,

Does anyone have a list of possible entertainers, guest speakers or presenters that charge a small fee, under $100. We are based in Perth, W.A.

Greatly appreciated,

Kim 11th Mar 2015 Registered Nurse
Natasha,have you tried approaching local councillors,teachers,police and fire services.The RSPCA might alsocome and do a talk for you. Good luck.regards Kim.
Kim 11th Mar 2015 Registered Nurse
Natasha, you should also try your local country music club,line dancers and U3A groups.Poetry groups and many professional people may be able to assist you.School groups are also good to show off their singing and musical talents.Even pre schoolers,we have a group of kindy kids come in and do little performances for us,the oldies love to see kiddies.
Pet therapy is also popular,puppies,kittens,chickens,ducks,anything of baby type.

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