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Julianne 6th Feb 2015 Activities Officer
Would like information on what's best to put in residents box's in case they become agitated. This box 's do have a special name.
Cathy 9th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Coordinator/ DT
HI, the best thing to do is have a box tailored to that resident's interests eg a mechanic might have old spark plugs and tools and car magazines or a seamstress have old zips and cottons, dress patterns etc.
Generic items could be "I spy" bags, squishy balls, time out meditation bottles ( check on Google for these easily made bottles), calming music etc.
gnette 10th Feb 2015
Sensory Boxes see GC feb issue article on sensory boxes.
Sharon 22nd Feb 2015 RAO
We call them Fiddle Boxes, and you can either make generic or personalise the boxes for a particular resident. Great for minimising behaviours and a great distraction.

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