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Terese 17th Feb 2015 Carer
Hi could any one please help with this question ?
name two constraints/challenges which may impact on the delivery of leisure and health programs in the work place, describe how these constraints could be addressed and their potential and/or actual impact can be minimised...
cheers Terese
Judy 18th Feb 2015 Diversional therapist
One could be eyesight when activitiy is housie,to assist Resident to participate fully place chair with window behind not looking into sun,make up special card, black paper,white writing is easier to see,or contact blind assosiation for that,also larger dibs.We use upended small clear plastic medicine cups,and lastley have Resident close to you or a volunteer.Ensure they get same card each time and they may become familiar with the numbers. Judy NZ
Sharon 25th Feb 2015 RAO
Vision, lack of hearing, mobility, cognitive decline.

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