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jean 18th Feb 2015 activities officer
does anyone have the words to some old time sing along songs for instrument and sing along sessions ?
Josephine 22nd Feb 2015
Hi Jean, I usually look up via the internet. Just do a google search, it is amazing what you can find. I tend to ask my residents the songs they liked, this is a start. Then research the songs & words, print in large print. I have created folders of songs - we then just have a good old fashion sing a long at times. Hope this helps.
patricia 9th Sep 2015 aged care nurse
Hi Jean I recently joined a ukulele group and they supplied me with a heap ( over 100 ) copies of old time songs that they use when going around to aged care facilities. Maybe you could ring them up and ask could you have a copy of what they have. Trish coffs harbour
Whenua 23rd Nov 2015 Director of Nursing
I find them in our local op shops. I tell them that I need them for an aged care facility and they put them aside for me. ~ Del
Vladica 10th Jan 2016
There is lots and lots on Internet as already suggested - as I play musical instruments have made up the song books - in the plastic folder / pockets, hence able to add or change songs as needed

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