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Vladica 10th Jan 2016


Small plastic or any user friendly container - that resembles a vase
Cut florists green sponge to the shape of the container - insert
Get the residents to assist with placing / decorating with artificial flowers - stems cut to required length
If the residents like to touch and explore at any stage it is safe and it looks pretty
Vladica 10th Jan 2016


There is lots and lots on Internet as already suggested - as I play musical instruments have made up the song books - in the plastic folder / pockets, hence able to add or change songs as needed
Vladica 10th Jan 2016


Giant - snake and ladders -Box $20.00
Vladica 28th May 2014

Card Bingo

$2.00 shops/ reject / bargain shops and such
Vladica 8th Apr 2014

Ukulele fun

To Robert
Sorry to hear about Mike - I have purchased couple of his books when I was just starting out to learn to play the uke -
I do ukulele most Friday pm - we have lot of fun, I play yesteryear songs new ones as well as our residents are of mixed age group. Music is life, evokes sad and happy emotions - good therapy for all.
Happy strumming - Vladica
Vladica 21st Feb 2014

Card Bingo

Excellent -re spongy plastic - will use it for sure
Vladica 19th Feb 2014

Card Bingo

Both options very good
Vladica 7th Jan 2014

Money Counting

What a great idea Marnie - one question, is the money placed in a "safe" place after the activity has ended.