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Donna 24th Apr 2015 Activity Worker
Hi I work in an Adult Day Care Centre and we have been asked to provide stimulating activities with no budget. What would you class as stimulating? Thanks
Solange 24th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Donna, the definition of stimulation goes: “To rouse a person into action or another state by encouragement or pressure; spur on; incite”. In long-term care facilities Activity staff stimulates residents with encouragement, compassion, patience and understanding. The type of stimulation will depend on the physical and cognitive level of competence of each participant. Since group activities have participants in different stages of dementia, the choice of stimulating activities should be all-encompassing to appeal to as many participants as possible. Some activities that come to mind for mid stage dementia: rummage box or handbag sorting, also check this link: also, massage, sorting by colour and shapes, singing, dancing. For early stage dementia you could try: colouring-in, painting, ball/balloon games, craft, community outing, cooking, card making. Whatever activity they engage in takes them into a different state of being by concentrating and focusing in what they are doing (and forgetting what is troubling them) and that’s in the goal. The above activities are mostly made with recycled material or are donate by residents' relatives. Check the website to learn how to make some of the above activities.
Josephine 5th May 2015
Donna gentle Chair Exercise to Music, you can download music from Youtube if you wish or ask people to donate CD's with music from your clients era. Speak to a physio for some of the movements required. Download Mandela templates from the internet for coloring in - it is very personalised and read up on them. This will give you a talking point as well. Rummage box's are great and I am currently putting these together. What about Scents - you can grab different herbs & spices and guess the scent again a talking point. Going down the art side, we have trialled putting a bowl of fruit to draw / color - this has been an interesting exercise as everyone has a different point of view. I am about to commence a reading group - simple books loaned from the library - can be quotes / sayings / short story books - creates conversation and reminiscing. Hope some of this helps you. I find looking through the internet helps and of course the main source of information from Golden Carers ! Jessie

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