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Irene 24th Apr 2015 Lightworker
I currently do a Seniors Chair Yoga morning at an Aged Care facility. This week I introduced them to Laughter Yoga and it was so much fun. If your facility does not run one, I feel it would be a great session to include. We all need to laugh more; especially as we get older.
sue 16th May 2015 Activities coordinator
please explain laughter yoga sounds like fun
Gayle 20th May 2015 Recreational Lifestyle Officer
Hi Irene
This activity sounds wonderful could you please tell us how you run it:)
Lisa 29th May 2015 Lifestyle Manager
Hi Irene

I would love to know how to run this kind of activity. Do you have a yoga instructor that comes in for this one?
Julie 31st May 2015
Hi Irene,
This sounds awesome, I would love to try it. How do you do it?
Jenny 2nd Jun 2015 Recreation Therapist
Hi Irene,that is a great idea , could you please send information on how this is done thanks

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