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Gayle 31st Aug 2015 Recreational Lifestyle Officer


Doris and Mary - and anyone else with knowledge:)
I have been investigating into offering this service to families who live away from their parents as I do, and would welcome a personal service that I could access quickly to accommodate my parents urgent needs. Can you offer any advice or suggestions into what insurances or applications that may need to be made to provide this service to the community as a private support service?
Gayle 20th May 2015 Recreational Lifestyle Officer


Hi Irene
This activity sounds wonderful could you please tell us how you run it:)
Gayle 22nd Oct 2014 Recreational Lifestyle Officer

Share your Jokes

What did the big chimney say to the little chimney?
Your too young to smoke!
Gayle 14th Jan 2014 Recreational Lifestyle Officer

Pavlova Decorating

Lovely Idea, maybe you could play Pavarotti Music while making Pavolva:)