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Deb 24th Apr 2015 Operations Manager
Hello everyone,

I work in aboriginal aged care and health in the middle of the western Australia. I would appreciate any suggestions to help bring the community together and how to get the clients to gain an understanding of overall health and wellbeing. Thank you.
Solange 24th Apr 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Deb, aborigines are known for the poor diet they live by (even though under care they eat a good diet). Is it feasible to have a cooking session and introduce them to some new food? You could try to involve them in the process; peeling, washing, and cutting. Also, enhance physical health by dancing to aboriginal music. There is a game called ‘KALQ’ which is a traditional indigenous game from Cape York. It would have to be modified for residents by using a balloon instead of a Kangaroo fur ball. Sit 4 to 6 players in a circle about 1 meter apart. Give each a ping-pong racquet and the aim is to volley the balloon to each other and try to keep the balloon in the air the whole time.

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