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Caz 9th May 2015
Hi guys..brain freeze...need help, I want to create a monthly activity there any times that for example excerise is best?? What should I be looking at putting into one day?? Any suggestions would be apprieacted ??
Vikki 13th May 2015 Recreation/leisure&lifestyle. Also massage and aromatherapist..
Hi Caz,
I found that exercise is best for first thing in the morning. It's helps wake the residents up, warms them up in winter and isn't to hot I summer months.We conduct exercises at 930 am daily, active twice a week, and tai chi three times a week.
We also have a morning walk at 9am which the PTA's help with. Hope this helps.
Sharon 20th May 2015 RAO
For our low care residents, we hold our exercise classes at 9.30am after breakfast and this works well. For our dementia unit we have found 1pm after lunch is working well. The residents who exercise after lunch are more settled and calmer as have just exercised for an hour.
Fay 16th Jun 2015 caregiver/recreational officer
Hi everyone, my first time in the forum so be gentle with me lol. Can anyone suggest a good cd for chair exercises. How is the one advertised on this site. The ones we have are rubbish. Also a new RAO still in training and loving the tried and true ideas from the "old hands" in the industry.
Thanks, in advance.
Jen 13th Dec 2023 Manager
Hi all,

Thanks for all lovely comments/suggestions.....I'm actually resourcing gentle Yoga chair exercises maybe even modified for pre-aged care people and resident of the aged care sector. Most definitely the early birds like to exercise in the mornings...though we try to accommodate for all & those who are not early rises...maybe an afternoon walk might even be the ticket!!!!

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