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Kymberly 20th May 2015 Activities Coordinator
Has anyone done a craft activity using magazine clippings & other such bits and pieces to make a patchwork puzzle? I was picturing drawing the outline of the artwork on a large canvas, and specifying what colours should go in which space
tony 19th May 2018 Recreational Activity Officer
I am going to do a couple of posters for the Queens Birthday using photo's of the Royal Family published in the magazines , newspaper and conduct a high tea on that day. The poster can be part of my decoration. I also have done a poster using magazine clippings of cakes and teas for my biggest morning tea decoration. The residents enjoy cutting , searching for pictures and this creates excellent reminiscing. Posters of flowers is also one you can do. I hope this has helped.
Mary Beth 23rd May 2018 Activity Director
We created a "Magazine Scavenger-hunt" We print out a list of items to be found in the magazines and set up teams to see who can find and cut out the items first. Then they make them into posters and the winning team wins a Hersey's Kiss (I'm a softy so the losing team usually gets one too) Your list can be themed items or just random ones.

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