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Sam 22nd May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi all,
I am sure your resident's really enjoy playing bingo. It is a great activity that gets everyone involved and is really great for our patients cognitively.

I thought i would share with you a tool which i have been using for bingo: "IBingo Free". IBingo free is a mobile phone app. that calls bingo. It has many functions, such as allowing you to pick the number of numbers in the game, the pace they are called and if you want the traditional calls with them (ie 88 - two fat ladies).

To add to this, I purchased a HDMI cable and a apple lightning digital AV adaptor and this enabled me to connect my phone to the TV. Essentially what this does is displays on the TV and any associated audio whatever is on your mobile. This is brilliant for two reasons: I can turn the TV right up and everyone can hear the calls, and secondly the balls / numbers are displayed largely on the screen as they are called providing a visual guide also.

The reason i went down this path was i have a number of residents that need assistance playing bingo. Be it keeping concentration, help finding numbers, or physically moving caps. Having the numbers called and visually displayed allows me to "float" the fall and assist those that need it.

For my group of residents this has ticked many boxes in getting all involved, keeping them engaged and making bingo and even more enjoyable experience.

Josephine 24th May 2015
Hi Sam, thanks for that information I would never have thought of that.

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