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kerryn 14th Jun 2015 lifestyle and leisure coordinator
Hi Everyone loving this site and just renewed membership. I have been in the job just over 12months now and my boss is putting pressure on me to change the monthly planner but wont advise me on which programs to implement, so asking for ideas on what others planners look like and programs on them. Thankyou in advance. Any help welcome at all
Connie 6th Jul 2015 Acting Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi, exercise, art and music are winners. Bingo and Bowling is also favorites. I googled monthly calendars to see what else other groups are doing.
Sharon 8th Jul 2015 RAO
Quiots, sing a longs, high teas, poetry read (very Popular), gardening (potting cuttings etc), cooking (pikelets on BBQ or fry pan), word games, celebrity head (for low care), hoy, foot spa's, hand and nail pampers, balloon therapy (balloon available through Wisdom Activities, Western Aust) they blow up to the size of medium round table and are easy for every resident to tap and is lots of fun.
kerryn 26th Jul 2015 lifestyle and leisure coordinator
Thankyou both we already do most of those activities, although l have added a few extra ones to the next months planner. Think it was a bad month and l seemed to be the target to take it out on.

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