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tarina 4th Jul 2015 care giver
I've made some playdough any ideas what to do with it as an activity thanks Tarina
Sharon 8th Jul 2015 RAO
Try adding some essential oils, I did this and not only did the residents love molding the dough, but enjoyed the pleasant perfume. Try making coil pots, beads which they can paint later when dry.
Sally 15th Jul 2015
You could make them into stars or wreathes for Christmas then bake them and paint them.
Jemma 20th Jul 2015 Diversional Therapist
bag it up and invite the local pre school around, they can visit with your residents and take home a little gift!
Solange 20th Jul 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Tarina, have keen residents to press play dough into cookie moulds; place a matchstick through while soft (to insert string) and allow it to dry. Once dried, hang on Christmas trees or make into mobile to entertain babies when they visit with Playgroup.
Bridget 20th Jul 2015
We have a visit from the Kindy children across the road, recently we had an activity where we made salt dough shaped them into beads and baked them in the oven, on another day painted them so they will be ready for the children's next visit so they can string them for necklaces. Lots of fun using the dough and looking forward to the children visiting.

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