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Natasha 8th Jul 2015 Occupational Therapist
Hello all!

I am interested in finding out if anyone incorporates themes into their activity program and if so what different themes people have tried.

Examples of themes we have tried include;
- Exploring sound, song and safari
- Faiths, Festivals and Celebrations

Would love to hear any theme ideas you have!


Judy 11th Jul 2015 Diversional therapist
We do at least one theme per month Jan back to school,Feb Valentines day etc Spring Summer Winter Autumn.Aand P show,Royals,Swiss National day August 1st is chocoholics week,anything can be turned into a theme.Eskaleen Tooleys books are excellent For a Good Old Age 1,2,3,also Never to Old for fun 1,2,3,4, You can get a lot of events off a calender so you are ready and prepared,save your resorces and you have something to add to next year. Judy N
Sidney 13th Jul 2015
Hi There,
we celebrate a theme cultural day every Friday for happy hour. This event for us has been so successful the resident can not wait for Fridays. We decorate the room to what ever theme it is and dress a couple of the residents and staff as well. Very fun and enjoyable.
Sally 10th Mar 2023 Activities Coordinator
We do a month long "Under the Sea" every 2 years. We loved "International Ice Cream Day" this year. Craft, cooking and colour therapy worked well here. Get the Youtube clip for "Making ice cream in 5 mins. It really worked! We combine Left handers day with sandwich day each August for a fun day.

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