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Sandy 21st Jul 2015
I heard about weighted blankets from someone on here, I was wondering if anyone had used them and had success, I am looking into it for a resident I care for as I feel she would really benefit from having one.
any feedback would me greatly appreciated.
Josephine 25th Jul 2015
Hi Sandy, I had a loan of one from St George's for a couple of our high care residents living with dementia. The blanket was also tactile, with various different fabrics sewn onto it, the blanket was made of corduroy material on top with a smoother fabric underneath. I found that the reaction was positive and have used it a few times with success.
Judy 3rd Aug 2015 Diversional therapist
We are at present knitting twiddle muffs for Dementia folk.You knit a muff in different textured, different wools and yarns, 45 stitches two balls of double knit at a time, lenght approx 80cm long, attach buttons,buckles,small wooden knobs,lace,bells, stuffed toys etc mens and ladies things of interest,anything that can be attached securley and is up the side seam as a long sausage then stuff half inside as a double sided muff and stitch up the end.they are very comforting and interesting.they are on a uk website. Judy NZ
Sandy 10th Aug 2015
Thanks Josephine, I might try and see if our craft group could make one.
Judy some of our residents have been busy making these with the help of one of the volunteers.
Thanks for your input ladies.
Shelley 25th Aug 2015 Music therapist
I would caution using weighted blankets and scarves without a policy in place. The weighted blanket guidelines should include what weight to use, for how long and how often. It should also include infection control

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