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Donna 6th Aug 2015 Diversional therapist
Just started doing Activities with residents. Does anyone have any suggestions to help with dementia residents find their room. It would be nice to make it suit individuals.
Josephine 8th Aug 2015
Hi Donna, I am not permitted to do this in our facility and wish I could, however my mum is living with dementia in a facility and they encourage family to put up lovely pictures of residents in their younger days on their doors which are tasteful. The majority of the residents recognise themselves in their younger days, not how they look now (my mum is late 80's and thinks she is only in her 50's - hence a picture of her in this age for her). You may not be able to assist all of your residents as their spatial awareness wanes. Hope this helps somewhat.
Doris 27th Sep 2015 Recreation Therapist
Hi Donna, Love the photograph concept especially if the person has the cognitive recall for it.Perhaps their first name or nick name or Mr or Mrs. in big bold easy to read letters directly on the door of their room. Another idea is to hang up a specific picture of something that they can relate to i.e.; a fishing boat, a garden, a cat. Or hang up an object if possible. A wreath, painting, a hat,etc. Will they recognize and remember it ?, that's the tough part. Keep in mind a photo or object is much better to redirect them too than just a room number. Some Seniors homes have wooden memory boxes mounted to the wall just outside each residents room
Each box is personalized with a few of their special meaningful things.
A family photo, craft item they made, ornament, work related item like a badge or hat. Good Luck ! From Doris
Donna 29th Sep 2015 Diversional therapist
Thanks Josephine and Dorid
Darla 24th Oct 2015 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Good Morning Donna,
Another suggestion is to be sure to include the resident's original or first language.
If identifying an individuals' bedroom suite or washroom, please put up an indication with personal pictures and in their first language if caption is needed.
Donna 1st Nov 2015 Diversional therapist
Thanks Darla

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