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Kymberly 11th Aug 2015 Activities Coordinator
Hello. Our spring fair is coming up & we have an un-themed parade of decorated electric carts & wheellie walkers. Does anyone have suggestions for decorations for those who want to join in, but dont hv the paraphonalia at their disposal? We'd like to get as many involved as possible, and staff would be helping out. Any over-the-top ideas would be helpful :) Kym
Josephine 14th Aug 2015
Hi Kymberly, just gave your comment a thought - what about funny ties for the men and maybe a large lapel ornament of some sort to make. Cheers
Kymberly 12th Sep 2015 Activities Coordinator
We had our fair last week and it went great. I had one fellow dress his walker as the bat mobile, another was a spring chicken (a lady with a sense of humor) and another as robin hood. :)
Lorraine 28th Sep 2020 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for your ideas

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