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Kymberly 13th Aug 2015 Activities Coordinator
Today I started chatting to my group - 'whats one thing you like about yourself?'. They struggled with this - I said 1 about myself, then asked for someone else's input...silence. Then I picked out a resident, and told her she 'always had a smile on her face', which always 'made me feel like smiling back'...every1 agreed. Another used to cook at her daughters plc and bring us all something to eat...'she's a good cook', 'thoughtful', another said he was proud of his kids, so i pointed out he must've been a good dad etc. Suddenly we successfully went through the whole group on their own. So, I would like to make a poster, not necessarily with names attached, entitled "things i am proud of..." & "things i am good at". Any1 hv an idea for a template? Something pretty or decorative to laminate? I'd like this to be a group poster, even if some ppl don't want to say in public they can contribute anon. :)
Josephine 14th Aug 2015
Hi Kymberly, I am looking at doing something like this, I have scoured google and they have some templates with one page profiles, have a look around in that. I saw one that I will be modifying as I do not need all the categories at - One Page Profile / My Living Well with Dementia Support Plan. Good luck with it - sounds wonderful.
Doris 27th Sep 2015 Recreation Therapist
Hi Kymberly,I'm sorry off hand I do not have a template suggestion for you per say but an idea or concept that may be of some help.
In the spirit of Fall I have in the past made a huge paper tree and mounted it on a wall or very large size bulletin board. The leaves that I then add each have message on it. I do this in honour of Thanksgiving.
The large title above the entire tree states: "What I am Grateful for is"
On each leaf is the answer to that statement from residents. I do not record their name just their answer. Examples of answers have included:
the staff who help me every day, my family, Canada, the food, that I am loved; etc. Getting back to your specific request could you mount a large size drawing of: a mirror [use tinfoil], multiple picture frames each with an answer inside, perhaps a picture or icon of their answer, etc. You may use gift wrap to cover a bulletin board or laminate a poster or instead of the tree idea can you think of another object and then add the parts.

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