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Doris 16th Aug 2015 Recreation Therapist
I am a Recreation Therapist offering private customized one to one visits to seniors who live in their own home or in a care facility. I'm looking for a tag line or a few simple words to describe the one to one visits I offer by For example Recreation and Leisure for Seniors. Customized Companion visits for Seniors, Senior Support Services; etc. My descriptive words should be different than just the usual companion visits offered by other Senior service companies. Your thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
mary 21st Aug 2015
I like the "customized companion visits for seniors". Since you are starting from sractch, I would suggest that you not limit yourself in the name to only seniors, as the case in my business. You may get a great deal of interest from TBI, Parkinsons and other people who are much younger but could really benefit from what you do. Good Luck! Mary
Gayle 31st Aug 2015 Recreational Lifestyle Officer
Doris and Mary - and anyone else with knowledge:)
I have been investigating into offering this service to families who live away from their parents as I do, and would welcome a personal service that I could access quickly to accommodate my parents urgent needs. Can you offer any advice or suggestions into what insurances or applications that may need to be made to provide this service to the community as a private support service?
Doris 27th Sep 2015 Recreation Therapist
Please accept my belated response to your request back in August/15.
I am currently in a start you own business program and will be graduating from this soon in the month of October. Needless to say I have been very busy with this course. I would highly recommend a course such as this one, which walks you thru the process of starting your own business. Not sure where your from Gayle ?
My private business will be incorporated to offer protection for my clients and myself.Insurance will be with Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd. They have a very competitive and comprehensive R.T. policy with premiums starting at $235.00 per year for limits of $1,000,000 per claim & $2,000,000 aggregate. If you would like more specific info. you may email me and I will forward you more details. My email is [email protected]

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