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Jennifer 13th Oct 2015
Hi Everyone,

I was wanting to know if other facilities play "floor bobs" with their residents. If so how do you organise the activity and scoring, especially with a large group?
Josephine 19th Oct 2015
Hi Jennifer, yes we have an activity with floor bobs with our residents and they quite like it. We use the light bocce balls that you get from a children's set - it has water in it, made of plastic and light. Sometimes I will add different balls, such as golf balls plus the bocce balls for the different dimensions. I have put numbers above each hole to score by - outside and inside so that I can see the score behind - we bring out the whiteboard, then write everyone's name & write their scores down, everyone gets a minimum of 2 rolls and sometimes 3. We tend to go around a few times. From there we may have a play off - at times I have put our residents into teams to play off one another. My residents are loving the challenge of getting the highest score. Our group is up to 15 people and it works fine, just have a lot of fun with it. Hope this helps. Cheers Jessie
Julie 24th Oct 2015
Hello Josephine,

just wondering if your residents are seated in a circle for this activity or are they able to stand. We have a big bob's set and I'm trying to work out how to set it up for the non-ambulant residents?
Josephine 1st Nov 2015
Hi Julie,

Ooh have not been on my internet for awhile. The majority of our residents are none ambulant however does not matter - all are seated - including the ambulant guys to reduce falls. I do a semi circle, seems to work best so that everyone is facing the same way and can see everyone - plus the whiteboard is behind me. At times I will do a half hour gentle seated exercises and then move onto the Big Bobs, that way I find that some of the group who are not that interested in the exercises will come along and stay for the Big Bobs. Cheers Jessie
MARYANN 24th Nov 2015 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist
Yes we had Bobs - used a golf stick and golf balls, did also use on the table with pool stick.
We have 4 to 5 rounds each person has 4 shots at a time - remember to support stance and ensure mobility aid breaks are locked on and in reach. Total rounds - if a draw play off - great game. I actually have an Original Bob Set

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