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Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist From Western Australia, Australia

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MARYANN 6th Mar 2022 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Have a High Tea - Quiz and games relating to famous females
MARYANN 4th Jul 2021 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist

Olympic Rings Coloring

Thank you for these Awesome Ideas - we will use some and l am sure we will enjoy some laughter and fun also - hope everyone else joins in the fun - We All Need A Bit Of Love and Laughter at the moment Stay Staff Everyone
MARYANN 21st Feb 2021 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Hi AFL Tipping again - are you doing it - TEMPLATE
MARYANN 1st Nov 2020 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Once again l need to say "Thank you" Golden Cares you make Activity/DT.s and Coordinators jobs easy. Such great Resources. Keep up the good work.
MARYANN 21st Jan 2018 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Hi - l think it is great Networking/connecting like this. I have recommended Goldencarers to a lot of my Colleges/Organizations.
I have old copies of a lots of Magazines - anyone remember Activities Digest ?
That was great too = Activities 2 Go was great - Wealth of Experience is good also.
Enjoy everyone - lets all work together to make people "Happy, Remain Independent ( as much as possible), and live an enjoyable Life :)

Just want to say - l am sure you all do a great job - and love your job because if you didn't you wouldn't be doing it :) KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK
MARYANN 21st Jan 2017 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist

How to Evaluate Care Plans & Write Quarterly Reviews

This looks great would be awesome for Residential Care - congratulations -
MARYANN 8th Jan 2017 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Word Games - What's in the eg Shed /Kitchen/Bedroom.
Words stating with "any letter - let a Consumer choose"
Famous People
I remember When - pictures
Finish the sentence - eg Bird in the hand ..................
Local News - newspaper reading.
MARYANN 8th Jan 2017 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Thanks for that - have accessed Activities suitable for our Consumers through Wisdom - and yes have been using many of the Activities and others from this site - been in the industry for over 30 years - have a lot of resources but need ones suited to Consumers needs and wants - promoting CDC (Consumer Directed Care - choice) - hope very one else is too.
MARYANN 30th Oct 2016 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist


Okay members - we need to update our Games/Activities who knows a good supplier who can provide great Activity Games etc for my Clients aged 65 - 100 Quiz Games Physical Games - Table Games - need New ones that are on the market. Please would love feedback