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Benita 26th Oct 2015
Hi All,
Can anyone assist with ideas for a resident who has early onset dementia (49 years), activities that are more age appropriate. Play Doh was very popular, previously was a chef so she pretended she was cooking.

Thanks in advance.
Josephine 26th Oct 2015
Hi Benita,
Wondering if you could commence growing herbs in pots for your resident. As a previous chef she would have cooked with fresh herbs, this will give her a purpose in growing herbs / vegetables. Can be used for sense of smell and other sensory aspects. Check out music from her youth, can the family help out here? Look at some Montessori activities via the internet - speak to Alzheimers Australia in your state, they are very helpful. Hope this helps somewhat. Jessie
Deslea 27th Oct 2015 Caregiver/Diversional Therapist
Recipe books to look through. Cut recipes out of magazines she likes and make her own recipe book to give to loved one. I have raised garden beds for some of my residents they grow all sorts of things from flowers, herbs, vegetables, strawberries are popular as are snow peas. Hope you get some more ideas all the best Deslea
Taryn 30th Oct 2015
love these ideas!
ann 13th Nov 2015 recreation therapist
You do salt dough crafts, she would definitely enjoy making the dough with you and then using cutters make christmas items to be painted later.
Gabriela 20th Nov 2015 Occupational Therapy Assistant
Make a sensory box with cooking products in small plastic jars and make a cooking book
MARYANN 24th Nov 2015 Programs Manager/Diversional Therapist
Yes - Cooking is a great Activity also Gardening but you can use pots and do inside sessions also woodwork - sanding and painting - activities that are rewarding and results are seen in a short period of time. Person Centred sessions - so some history of the persons life is really needed.

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