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Trish 7th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
Can I have some ideas for housie/bingo prizes for people on reduction diets. One lady in particular has a psychiatric condition and feels she must get an edible prize but other non-edible ideas would be good.
Alexandra 12th Jan 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
We have a box of assorted items that we bring out as bingo prizes sometimes instead of sweets. It has things such as pairs of socks, scarves, soaps, powders, small purses, hand cream. I don't know about you but we often have people offering to donate things and we put these small things aside for this and the residents love choosing a gift for themselves for a change.

As for people on reduction diets? We do have sugar free lollies as an option (I buy them from the supermarket) but otherwise we don't worry too much about a little lollie doing much harm...
Ashleigh 13th Jan 2016 AIN, AO
We use much of what Alexandra has mentioned with the addition of $1 scratches and stationary items.
Trish 18th Jan 2016
Thank you Alexandra and Ashleigh for your feedback. We do have the sugar free sweets but it is nice to get away from the sweets sometimes.

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