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caroline 22nd Jan 2016 PCA Studying Cert 4 in agecare and wanting to study lifestyles
I'm looking for symbols to add to Calender for Activities.
what program would I use.
Talita 22nd Jan 2016
Hi Caroline,

Most people seem to be using Microsoft Publisher to create calendars, which allows you to search and use clipart within your files.
Anita 11th Feb 2016 Lifestyle Co-Ordinator
Clipart has heaps of good pictures/symbols to use. You just need to find the right word to bring them out. Think American sometimes helps as they word things differently. No offense to the American either lol x
Faith 28th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist / Lifestyle Assistant
google is very helpful for clipart to add to calendars look for topic like discussion group, senior exercise, senior walking group, ball games, balloon Tennis then put clipart on the end you will be surprised by what comes up some has watermarks but there is plenty without

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