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Fiona 28th Jan 2016 Activity officer
we have resident welcome gifts on admission. Do others have them? ours are tired and I need some new ideas. Hoping you can help..............
Solange 13th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Fiona, thank you for you input. Giving gifts on admission depends on the facility's management. I think it is a great idea. However I have not experienced it, the places I worked for had usually a 'get-together' to introduce the new resident to a few people. Nice china cups, petit fours, a choice of teas, and cakes. Of course had we added a small gift it would have been even better.
Fiona 15th Feb 2016
Thanks Solange. loving this site and getting lots of great ideas
Betty 28th Feb 2016 Diversional Therapist
Hi Fiona,
I arrange a ;'Welcome pack' for all new residents: a plastic small basket with shampoo,conditioner, a nice plastic cup, hand cream, a bar of soap, a nail set and a welcome card (made by a resident) -all wrapped. In the same time , fresh flowers in a vase in the room before arrival.
Best wishes.

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