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Sylvia 18th Feb 2016 Diversional therapist
Any ideas for food for St Patrick's day? Thanks
Talita 20th Feb 2016
Hi Slyvia,

I thought that Boxty (Irish potato cakes) and Irish Soda Bread both looked tasty and simple to make.
Sylvia 20th Feb 2016 Diversional therapist
Thanks very much we will give them a try
Josephine 21st Feb 2016
Hi Sylvia, I looked up if there were any Irish Dance schools in my area a few years ago and contacted a dance school who put me onto one of the others groups - end result we have children come to dance for half an hour in their traditional Irish costumes for half an hour. We have connected with this group each year over the past 3 years. I also do a Pick a Box type of quiz game - download well known facts about Ireland - type up and put in envelopes - put large black numbers on the outside of the envelope and then I put them up on a board (we use our whiteboard - put strings from one side to another and then pin them) - I also put a green lollypop inside it.
I then have a basket with corresponding numbers - each resident takes a number that corresponds to the number of the envelope and we have a did you know, or can you guess. Alot of fun - I give the envelopes to the residents to open - I find the majority of them keep the envelope as it gives them the ability to open up a letter. A double whammy affect.
I have been able to go onto Youtube and download Karaoke Irish Songs - we have Karaoke whilst eating green iced muffins & green drinks etc.
Hope this helps somewhat.
Sylvia 21st Feb 2016 Diversional therapist
these are great ideas, I going to try them , thanks for helping

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